Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Tour of the Web: LeTourneau IT

Welcome, freshman! Welcome transfers! Welcome, returning students, faculty and staff, lawnmowers, humidity, and especially random trips to Common Grounds!

Well, maybe not the humidity. But in general, WELCOME!

As some of you know, I am the Fly on the Firewall. My job primarily consists of listening to the goings on here at LeTourneau's IT department and relaying to you the technological tips that I glean from the conversation here.

I'm a fly, and it's in my best interest to avoid the sticky web of technology I don't understand. I've had a couple of close calls, but fortunately, I knew who to contact.

However, it occurred to me that some of you may not. Maybe you've just never had a problem. Or maybe you just didn't know that there are other means of contacting LeTourneau's IT department. Or maybe you're one of those new freshman or transfers, and you don't know anything at all.

About LeTourneau's IT department, I mean. ; )

Hence, though telling you how not to make your computer go haywire is a worthy and admirable topic, I thought today I could just tell you how to contact IT when the problem is beyond you or me. No sense in allowing you to get stuck in the web just because you don't know who to contact.

If you have a problem and you aren't like me and completely horrid with technology then you might consider searching for the way out of your sticky web situation via this FAQ section (unless, of course, you're having a problem with the internet and you can't read this blog. Then you're pretty much hopeless):

Warning: mucho technological terms. But hey, I warned you that the FAQs were for people other than the technologically incompetent. The FAQs covers a lot of things: phones, blackboard, TVs, etc. And if what you're looking for doesn't seem to fit in one of the listed categories on the site, the search bar in the upper right hand corner is really handy.

Oh, and since I heard that gaming consoles is a popular question this week, so I looked it up for y'all already:

I'm such a nice person. Er, fly.

Okay, so if you're in the technologically incompetent group with me, here's how you can contact IT. See the block of information on the right? ------>

That's it.

For the technologically competent or for the incredibly bored: Visit our website.

For complete up-to-date information on the various updates IT conducts OR for emergencies prompted by large Texas rain storms: Follow us on Twitter.

For help solving technical problems: email us at, call us at 1(866)TEC-LETU or (903)233-3500, or chat with us.

IT's hours of operation are: 8am-midnight, Monday through Saturday and 2pm-midnight on Sundays.

Good luck with that web!

Sincerely, The Fly

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