Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, Precious Time

" Isn't there a faster, easier way to do this?"

How many times have you asked yourself this question? I know I've asked it hundreds of times. Over the years, I have discovered many handy shortcuts in life.Things like finding a faster way to and from work, mapping out my grocery shopping, or putting frozen chicken in a bowl of water so it thaws faster.

Today, I'll share with you some handy keyboard and a couple of mouse shortcuts you can use every day to make life a little easier:
(Keep in mind, these shortcuts are for Windows users)

Ctrl + A - select all (everything in a document)
Ctrl + X - cut
Ctrl + C - copy
Ctrl + V - paste
Ctrl + Z - undo
Ctrl + Y - redo

Ctrl+B - bold
Ctrl+I - italics
Ctrl+U - underline

Ctrl + S - save (I use this one almost instinctively!)
Ctrl + F - find a word/phrase anywhere
Ctrl + D - Font styling (in Word)

Ctrl + F4 - close current window
Ctrl + Tab - Move between tabs in a browser or document
Ctrl + Backspace - delete entire previous word
Ctrl + Delete - delete entire following word
Ctrl + Shift + arrow keys - moves Lt & Rt whole words and moves Up & Down by paragraphs

Use the Alt key to see Alt + [shortcut key]'s in Word, Excel, Power Point or any other MS Office program.

Use the Backspace key to go back a page in your web browser.
Use the Space key to scroll down pages in a browser.

Use the Windows icon + tab to browse through all of your open windows.
Use the Windows icon + arrow keys to place your current window where you like it
Use the Windows icon + L to quickly lock your computer
Use the Windows icon alone to open the start menu

Mouse Shortcuts
Double-click to highlight a whole word
Triple-click to highlight a paragraph
Use the middle wheel to scroll
click the middle wheel to drag around the page
Some mouses (mice?) have more buttons that have shortcuts built-in

Have you ever wanted to select a certain area to copy as a picture, but PrntScrn is a little too much work?
Use the snipping tool to select that area and make it your own.

Finally, if there are other shortcuts you are wondering about, visit

This is the Windows website that lists several more shortcuts that I don't use as often; but you might!

I hope you learned a little more about how move about your computer a little more efficiently and effectively today!

Have a lovely day!
Fly on the Firewall

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